Photo Gallery of Eclectus Parrots

EDIT ECLECTUSarusWindows3P1050744
These E. r. aurensis youngsters are enjoying the view outside … and the window blinds!
EDIT YoungFemaleEclectusSparringP1050308
Young female eclectus sparring
EDIT ECLECTUSmalesInAviaryxx
Eclectus males in the aviary
EDIT SeramGrandVosmaeriCross
Seram Grand / vosmaeri cross youngster helping make toys
EDIT YoungEclectusWithWallofWonder.XX
Young aru boys playing with Wall of Wonder
EDIT VosmaeriYoungGirlXP1050285
Vosmaeri female, young
EDIT ExampleOfPluckingInAdult
Example of a plucking adult
EDIT CrossbredFemale
Crossbred female – note red bib and yellow tail
EDIT SHIPPINGcratebP1050281 (2)
Kennel properly prepared for shipping an eclectus