avicultureLaurella Desborough is an aviculturist who is passionate about the health and welfare of all living creatures.

  • Interests: Technology, Business, News, Science, Medicine, Art, Conservation, Legislation – State, Federal & Local.
  • Education: BA from SIU, MA from UCLA.
  • Professional work: Teacher – High School and College.
  • Professional Activities: Art work shown in galleries and museums in U.S.
  • Volunteer activities: Board Member and President or CEO on five boards over 20 years: AFA, ABC, MAP, Avian Research Fund, & Fountainhead Gardens Homeowners Assoc.  Aviculture Microbiology Foundation, Inc.  Past Legislative Vice-President for the American Federation of Aviculture.
  • Author: BBOnline monthly column, articles in Bird Talk, AFA Watchbird, Bird World, World of Parrots, ASA Journal, Avizandum, and Cage Bird Magazine.  Laurella wrote the legislative column for the quarterly AFA Watchbird Journal.
  • Co-Author: Guide to Eclectus Parrots.
  • Consultant and Lecturer.
  • Aviculturist:  Thirty years of researching, studying and breeding exotic birds: amazons, greys, cockatoos, brownheaded parrots, hawkheads, mini-macaws. Specializing in eclectus and vasa parrots (coracopsis vasa). Also raised and raced pigeons.